Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My two days holiday. JUNE2013

** Help me press Nuffnang please :) **

JUNE ~~~
Im still working at The curve for the barbie roadshow.
June 1 - Public Holiday
I take leave that day. hahaha
for another job.
Boutique shoot the day :)

Thank you Wai Tiang intro the job to me.

Doing my hair and non-stop taking photo. lol

Shooting processing

She is my partner the day. 
She's so cute. ^&^
Stay Tuned <3


Another holiday.
I take leave went out with her (Leone XJ)
Movie with her the day.
Fast&Furious6 and Star Trek

After that lunch with her family again.
Everytime went out with her also lunch with her family.
Her family was so cute. 
Enjoy my lunch with them. <3

Simply walk-walk then dinner with her mum again.
And then go home. Cos the second day have to work again /_\

Here some photo of the day.

What is this?
OMG. It's a bag.
I was fall in love with this bag.
It was so cool! 


Finally holiday END.
School again. :(

See you next time. BYE ;)

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